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Born in Paris.
Philosophy Paris-Sorbonne
Master of musicology Paris-Sorbonne : research about the esthetic of the uncertain forms in the musical europeen and north american repertory 1950-75. Research director : Jean-Claude Risset, dissertation defence at the Ircam (Director : Pierre Boulez).
Produceur during two years at France Musique (national broadcasting for the  classic and contemporary musics).
Sale consultant during one year for the musical editor Harmonia Mundi ( baroc and et contemporary repertories). 
After a formation in japanese keramic art , creation of a studio (research for de matters and colors, and production of unic pieces exposed and saled  France et en Suisse).
In the same time, apprenticeship with french masters : drawing, painting, sculpture.
Left Paris in 1980 for the Southeast of France (near Aix-en-Provence).


2009 Permanent show (drawings) Gallery D & C Marrakech, Marocco
2009 Shooting Film Open Opera, with 8 paintings (150cmX150cm), 30drawings and a graphic setting (Indian ink, watercolor)
2008 Shooting Film Being Beauteous (a painter film, a plastic and philosophic essay)
2007 November-december : group show "Bodies"   Gallery 173  NYC USA
2007 Autumn : group show , travelling show  NYC & Brunswick, Maine  USA
2007 June 7 to July 31 : group show (Drawing) "A Taste of Art"   Arcade gallery   NYC USA
2007 May :  Dinner Auction (Drawing)  Arts Council Manhattan LMCC  NYC  USA
2007 March 21 to April  7: group show (Sculpture) "States of longing"   Chashama gallery   NYC  USA
2006 July- August  : solo show (painting, sculpture, drawing)  Studio "L'Arche", Châteauvert France
2005 July-August- September :  group show (painting, sculpture , drawing) Redbox Gallery, Barjols France
2004 May : solo show (painting) Harmattan Gallery, Paris France
2003 April  : group show (sculpture) Plastic arts fair, Aix en Provence France
2002 October :  solo show (painting, sculpture) Vieux Lyon Gallery, Lyon France
2002 February :  group show (painting) Plastic arts fair,  Nîmes France
2000 November- 2001 May : group show (sculpture) Saltiel gallery, Cannes France
2000 March :  group show (painting, sculpture) Plastic arts fair, Cannes France
1997 October - 1998 April :  solo show (painting) Castel of Ansouis, Ansouis France
1995 October - 1996 April :  solo show (sculpture) Castel of Ansouis,  Ansouis France
1989-1994 : solo shows ( drawing, sculpture) studio Les Mées,  Les Mées France
1982–1988  :  solo shows (Keramic, drawing, sculpture) Studio "Le Bleu du Ciel", Saint-Etienne les Orgues France
1982–1988 July :  group show (keramic, sculpture) Arts and crafts fair, Forcalquier France
1987 July : group show (keramic, sculpture) Art gallery, Sommières France
1986 Novembre : group show (keramic, sculpture)  Arts and crafts fair, Nice France
1985 November : group show (keramic, sculpture) Arts and crafts fair, Nice France
1984-1988 : group show (keramic) "Artisanat et Réalité" gallery, Paris France
1984-1988 : group show (keramic) Sale network « Art de Provence », Lausanne Suisse
1982–1983–1984 July : group show (keramic) International arts and crafts fair, Saint-Quentin France
1981 November : group show (keramic) The Art House, Forcalquier France
1980 November :  solo show (keramic)  Dobdeck gallery,  Paris France
1979–1980 : solo show (keramic)  "Métamorphoses" gallery, Paris France