The paintings are composed almost without my knowledge and I in return chase them,
motivated by the challenge they cast on me.


N°194-3 3àcmX30cm

N°194-3     30cmX30cm

N°194-5     40cmX40cm

Turn around, landmark, target.

A way to extract from the void

Carré bleu     91cmX130cm

Sable      54cmX81cm

what is commonly called the beutiful, having evacuated its moral dimension:
nothing will be .

Extérieur nuit     146cmX89cm

Claustration     60cmX92cm

Let them come, those dynamic and dilated forms,
whose prular meanings experience a world in motion, metaphorical and mysterieous.

Flux Fissures Fêlures     30cmX40cm

Abstrait n°17     73cmX92cm

Hypothèse n°5     81cmX54cm

Transforming one living matter into another
– grasp the meaning –
a color, an idea, a dream.