Strange Presences


Phantasmagoria I and II     92cmX73cm

With a sole exception, our world is the same as the world of others.
But the intimate, sensual, chimeric part belongs only to oneself.

To see the rise of a questioning humanity.

A distant World      130cmX81cm

Dream     73cmX92cm

Sleeper     50cmX100cm

Emilie     100cmX50cm

Agathe     100cmX50cm

That what is being drawn becomes real

Naked 18-3     73cmX50cm

Blue headed woman     60cmX60cm

The living in its simplest form

Dreamer     81cmX92cm

Ô Flowers     81cmX54cm

Matter, monochrome, black feature,
guess what ventures there and disappears, them comes back differently just to disappear again

Naked 18-1     51cmX73cm

Naked 18-2     51cmX73cm

Explore matter, its light, its latent volumes, its future.

Black series n°404     130cmX97cm

See as in a mirror,
the reflection of the intimite, sensual, chemical part that belongs only to onself – only to each os us.

Triptych 1     46cmX22cm

Triptych 2     46cmX22cm

The presence of bodies – figural. I can’t (won’t?) do without it. 
What exasperates me on the outside delights me in the workshop.
Variations and metamorphoses of the body.
Digging this furrow and not exploiting a seam.

Everything remains to be invented.